Custom Experiences

Shadi specializes in personalized culinary experiences, customized to your tastes. Her culinary expertise ensures that whatever she prepares will involve flavorful memories that last a lifetime.


Private Farm-to-Table Dinner

Chef Shadi Ramey would love the opportunity to host a farm-to-table dinner at your place, with your guest list. We will choose a theme and a menu, pair wine, and create an exquisite fine-dining experience.


Private Chef

Chef Shadi Ramey has limited availability to work as a private chef. We work with our clients to ensure that they have all of their culinary needs met, whether it is dealing with illness and eating a strict diet, or entertaining friends and family.


Private Cannabis Pairing DinneR

Chef Shadi Ramey would love the opportunity to wow you and your guests with a private, boutique, culinary cannabis experience. We will work with your favorite strains and plan your dinner accordingly.



Design the perfect get-together with Chef Shadi Ramey, who will ensure all of your guests have a memorable experience. Incorporate plant-based world foods, culinary cannabis, and any other elements you desire, for a truly one-of-a-kind experience.

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Private Cooking class

We will connect with a different culture through food, spices, music, intention and awareness. There is literally a world full of options, but not limited to Mediterranean, Thai, Indian, Meso-American, Italia, Mediterranean, Persian, Spices of the Silk Road, Stuffed! Momos, Dolmas and Empanadas (choose one), Introduction to Ayurvedic Cooking with Indian Cuisine, Ferments: A Multicultural Adventure

We had a fantastic experience when Shadi came to our home for a cooking lesson. First, she was able to accommodate a very restrictive diet and food preferences. Second, she was able to accommodate very different cooking abilities for our 3 generations of cook ‘trainees’. Thirdly, we cooked the most incredible feast which was delicious and outside of our usual meals. Great ingredients and tasty dishes. All 5 of us loved it!
— Melinda, Boulder, CO
We hired Shadi after meeting with several other chefs in the area for a private event for our most highly regarded clients (who also have very strict dietary needs but love delicious creative food). Shadi delivered all of that and more. The Chef was extremely respectful to our needs and delivered a memorable and absolutely delicious dinner! Made for a wonderful night that our clients still talk about!
— Susan, Boulder, CO

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