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Plant-Based Immersion, Denver

Plant-Based Immersion: Join Chef Shadi Ramey in Denver on an immersion delving deep into plant-based foods. This immersion is excellent for those that have been flirting with plant-based diets, those already eating plant-based and those looking for some high level knowledge on how to use plants to thrive on a plant-rooted diet.

Topics include:

  • Plants as Allies - Connecting with the power of the Natural World through food/

  • Culinary Herbalism - Using medicinal herbs to make delicious, high vibration foods.

  • Culinary Anthropology  - Exploring plant based recipes from around the world.

  • We will cover beginner to somewhat advanced techniques on:sprouting, fermenting, water/coconut kefir

  • Protein - We will explore the many plant based proteins and discuss their attributes in detail so that we can move forward with empowered decisions on how to thrive with plants.

Friday, May 18, 5-8pm
Saturday 10-5pm
Sunday 10-3pm
Location: TBA