Culinary Cannabis

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Shadi  Ramey, M.A - Chef, Culinary Anthropologist, Hempster and Serial Entrepreneur

Shadi has been a plant based chef for over a decade. She fell in love with hemp in 2014 and hasn't looked back ever since. Shadi has been cooking with hemp for the past four years and has immersed herself in the Anthropology of Hemp.  

Shadi started growing hemp in 2015 on her micro-farm in Hygiene, Colorado. The entire season was an absolute amazing experience. This hemp farm immersion opened up many possibilities and dreams. Shadi learned a lot about hemp, from seed to harvest, that first year. Spending time in a hemp forest was a life changing experience!

In 2015, Shadi begain working with hemp on a daily basis as a food source.  She has since created recipes that include various parts of the plant; seed, hearts, leaf, hemp seed oil and full-spectrum hemp extract.  

Equitable access to organic and non-GMO foods is a human right.
— Shadi Ramey, M.A

Shadi is dedicated to organic and non-GMO farming.  She is grateful to be connected to the sacred Ganja plant.  She believes that all humans can benefit from the powerful and amazing medicinal properties of hemp and cannabis.  

Shadi is ecstatic to start a female-owned-and-operated medicinal herb farm.  Shakti Herb Farm has long been a dream that is coming to fruition in 2018! She is delighted to launch Shakti Herb Farm with a strong team of powerful women on a mission to change the world.

In 2017 Shadi created  Satya Kama™, the first ever hemp-based intimacy enhancer, and a line of organic, hemp-based moisturizing creams that are good enough to eat. Shadi is dedicated to using her business as a force for good. Satya Kama is one of the first hemp companies to have earned the rigorous pending B-Corp status.

Shadi teaches about plant based nutrition, culinary anthropology and and hemp food.  She also runs medicinal herb and hemp farm located just outside of Boulder.

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