Satya Creative

Satya Creative is the name of Shadi’s consulting firm. She started Satya Creative in the Spring of 2017 after being approached by different companies to help with product development, recipe development and applying the principles of sustainable development to companies’ consciousness.

Shadi Ramey, M.A, has been doing product development since 2007.  She started with humble roots at the Boulder County Farmers Market, first with "Hippie Dippies" and then with "Organilicious" in 2010.  Shadi’s unique recipes for this line included Figgy Olive Tapenade, Argentinian Chimichurri, award winning humus recipes, etc.  Shadi sold the company in 2013 to pursue farm-to-table catering and began teaching classes.

She is currently available for consulting on recipe or product development projects.  Her expertise range from recipe development to include products that are plant based, paleo, gluten-free and beyond. Shadi's experience in this field is wide and detailed. She can get you from an idea in your head to the shelves, or wherever it is you would like to sell your product. She is a gatekeeper to industry-wide contacts that will elevate and strengthen your brand.


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Recipe Development:

We work closely with you to ensure that your vision is captured in the recipe that is developed for you. We do recipe development for restaurants, Universities, start ups, etc. We love these projects very much.

Product Development:

We love taking on the Herculean task of developing a products. Our background in product development and start ups makes us perfect for this job.  We can help you take your granny's recipe to the shelves of Whole Foods and beyond! We know how to navigate the entire process.

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