Satya Kama Cream

Satya Kama Cream is a deliciously hemp-based, vegan, edible full-body cream committed to extreme mindfulness and total nourishment from the outside in. Launched by Shadi Ramey in 2018, Kama, or pleasure, is one of the goals of human life. Satya represents truth, and our Satya Kama cream embodies these principles. The cream is produced with the utmost care, using the highest quality nourishing oils. Every ingredient of Satya Kama Cream is selected with intention. You can use this product daily to nourish your skin...or in ways your imagination has yet to discover. 

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Satya Kama: A Poem by Wild Be

Part I: Satya

Satya is Truth.
We are Beings, yes,
but IS it a given that we are Beings
of the utmost and most profound

It is not.

We are Consciousness, yes,
but IS it a given that we are conscious
to the point of being awake and aware
and responding responsibly
to the call and needs of our surroundings?

It is not.

We are Voices, yes,
but IS it a given that we are Voices
speaking the highest truths,
speaking with impeccable tongues,
speaking unselfishly and unbiasedly
for the common good
of everything and everyone?

It is not.

We are Actions, yes,
but IS it a given that our actions
integrate intention and integrity

into every step we take,
into every hand we raise,
into every glance we glance,
into every thought we think,
into every word we speak?

It is not.

Satya is a choice
and it is not ours until we choose it.
Satya is a virtue
and it is not mastered
until we practice it.

Satya is Truth
and it is not powerful
until we empower it.

Use your body
to embody your Truth,

because IS it a given
that we, as Humans, have the capacity,
the potential, the possibility,
and the absolute loving ferocity
to embody nothing but Satya?

It is.
Wild be.  🍁

Part II: Kama

Kama is Sex,
or it is Desire, Wish, and Longing.
It is also, to go further,
one of the Four Major Goals of Life
according to Hindu religious beliefs.

By definition, however,
the concept of Kama more broadly refers
to ANY desire,
to ANY wish,
to ANY passion,
to ANY longing,
to ANY pleasure of the senses,
to ANY aesthetic enjoyment

of Life, Affection, or Love,
with or without
sexual connotations.

As a species,
may it be our goal to reach this goal
of a Truer and Higher Love.

As physical beings,
may we reach the climax and orgasm
of our sexual and loving prowess
through the pleasures of our senses.

As Women and Men
of a higher vibrational Humanity,
may we desire,
may we wish,
may we long for our passion to be strong

in everything that we do,
and may we always remember and recognize
that aesthetic enjoyment
lies in the eyes of the beholder alone.

Kama, my Sisters and Brothers,
goes beyond the inclination
of sexual connotation.

Kama reaches beyond
the beautiful canopy of sex,
and elevates us higher
toward the deeper beauty
of a Heavenly Love,

a Love that is unconditional,
a Love that is unbiased and unabated,
a Love that is unmeasured
by the measured mind,
a Love that is nothing less
than sublime.

Satya Kama, nourish me well.
Satya Kama, is now available.

Get yours.

Wild be. 🍁