Shadi Ramey, M.A, has been a plant-based chef for the past decade. As a culinary anthropologist she loves exploring the intersection of food and culture.


"I believe that food is a bridge - one that connects us not only to each other but to ourselves and our ancestors.."

-Shadi Ramey


The Student

Early 90's


In the early 90’s, I took an Anthropology class that changed my life and perspective forever. I was mesmerised by the study of indigenous cultures, ethnomusicology, and the political unrest the in developing world. I traveled to Japan in 1997 where flavors awoke senses I didn’t know I possessed.  

In the Fall of 2000, I traveled to Kathmandu, Nepal. The trip to Nepal broke my heart wide open. I was simultaneously shocked and mortified by the large percentage of Nepal’s population living in such dire poverty. I wasn’t going to change the world.  At least, not on this trip.  

In 2002 I worked as an Adjunct Professor at Champlain College teaching "Introduction to Anthropology" and "World Cultural Geography." I then traveled to Italy for the first time. I fell hard for the decadent food, exquisite wine, and sounds of Italian splashing through my mind. I was intoxicated with the flavor and depth of cuisine.


The Mother


I first became a mother in 2005 and my path was forever changed.  During my pregnancy I fell hard into learning about natural childbirth, home birth. It was at this time that I was radicalized by GMOs, flouridated water, pesticides, and adverse vaccination reactions. It was as a young mother that I was enlivened to join to fight for a better planet where babies would be safe.  



The Culinary Anthropologist




The Hemp Chef


For the past decade, I have been a plant-based vegan Chef in multiple capacities. I started my company "Organilicious" in Boulder, CO which started at the Boulder Farmer’s Market and went on to be sold at Whole Foods Market. I then created "Prasad" (a sanskrit word meaning blessed food) a farm-to-table and catering company whose philosophy centered around the healing powers of plants. My passion focused on culinary herbalism and using food as medicine to heal our bodies. I utilized the power of plants to make delicious dishes with high vibration.

Nourishment, and how we choose to nourish ourselves, is the foundation of all things.
— Shadi Ramey, M.A

2014 was the beginning of my love affair with hemp. I began growing and cultivating this magical flower on my microfarm in Hygiene, CO. I began cooking with hemp in early 2015, almost on a daily basis. I have been recipe testing and building recipes with hemp now for the past three years. Since that time, I have been speaking about hemp nutrition at Universities, Hemp Conferences, Arise Music Festival, and have been invited to numerous events to speak about the quality and importance hemp nutrition can provide.

I revel in making super delicious food that has a HIGH vibration and purpose and hope to share as much as possible in 2018 through my classes, farm-to-table events, speaking engagements, workshops, and more!


EDUCATION: Shadi ramey, M.A

WVU Sociology & Anthropology Bachelor’s

NMSU Cultural Anthropology Master’s

Ayurvedic Cooking with Vasant Lad

Herbalism Study with Brigitte Mars


Arise Music Festival: Panel: Women in Cannabis
August 2017
Arise Festival: Workshop Presentation: Hemp is the Answer: How to Nourish Yourself with Hemp
August 2017
NOCO Hemp Expo: Hemp is the Answer: Nourishing Yourself with Hemp
NOCO Hemp Expo: Beyond Smoothies: An Introduction to Hemp Nutrition
UNK Morality of Capitalism Symposium, Presentation: Hemp Nutrition
April 2016
Made Breakfast for Representative Jared Polis (CO) & Congressman Thomas Massie (KY)
Summer 2015
Recipe Writer and Tester for Eat, Drink & Shine Cookbook for Shine Restaurant Boulder, CO
Spring 2015
Served 500 Baklava At Mountain Film Festival in Telluride, Colorado
Spring 2015
Front Range Edible Magazine Boulder, CO, Award-winning Hummus Recipe from 2013 Boulder Hummus Throw Down
Spring 2014 
Winner Boulder Hummus Throw down - Judges Vote and 200 Popular Vote